Pee-Wee Hermans Bike Is Being Auctioned On Ebay For Fifteen Grand

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pee wee hermansPaul Reubens bike has been listed on Ebay—this brings back memories. Don’t you remember watching Pee-Wee Herman? He was absolutely hilarious—and he was also a game show host, comedian, film producer and writer. Pee-Wee was famous for his show “The Pee-Wee Herman Show.” The hilarious star’s bike is being auctioned and the owner has promised that he has a letter of authenticity from the studio to prove it’s the real deal—sweet.

The seller also noted that the bike is in pieces but all parts are included—that means the little bicycle bell and handle bar streamers, LOL! And the seller has included an autographed photo.

The owner has stated that he bought the cruiser in 2010—for ten-thousand-dollars. And he’s hoping to make a profit, at least fifteen-thousand-dollars.

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