Justin Bieber And His Extreme Love

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JustinJustin Bieber is one of the most joked about celebrities ever. From real insults to just joking about him, there is a lot of nasty commentary about the Canadian singer. Despite all of this, Justin is not a bad person at all. He gets a bad rap, but he really does love his fans and wants to make the world a better place. Whether you like his music or not, I think that’s wonderful enough of him to warrant calling him a force of good in the world. And with the immense following he has, his support of a charity can go a long way in helping it, and that’s using celebrity for good.

The 20 year old pop icon primarily supports education efforts which is definitely one of the noblest ways to help people, by educating them. He is well known for his support of Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools and education facilities in developing countries. Bieber frequently shows up at galas, schools, or in advertisements to help with the effort and has raised immense amount of money by doing so. Additionally, he is known to support PETA with their message to adopt from Shelters and not from breeders and showed up in an advertisement with PETA to spread that message. He supports the LGBT community, stating that it’s everyone’s own decision and that they shouldn’t be judged for it. He supports the “It Gets Better Project”, which is a project bringing awareness to the high suicide rate among LGBT youth.

Keep doing what you’re doing Mr. Justin Bieber, and don’t let the haters bring you down! You’re doing wonders for the world and should be proud of it because it’s rare when you get the chance to influence millions.

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