Lea Beaulieu Is The Sexiest Bad Girl From Season Five

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Lea Beaulieu is a gorgeous South Beach Rebel with a hot attitude if you piss her off. The twenty-five-year-old hottie was the only one that stood out on the Bad Girls Club. Lea Beaulieu was the only female to enter the house heavily pierced and tattooed—proving she wasn’t another girl trying to act all “glam and FAB-u-LOUS,”

051b5ffe07e1e2f29dfdd8c4cc6de341It all started in San Francisco where Lea was born and raised by her Brazilian mother but eventually moved to Miami baby—she became a lot rowdier and let her true self shine. After starring in Season 5 of Bad Girls Club, she quickly became fans favorite chicka.

Lea has had people tell her she is crazy—after they see her tattoos, bad attitude and partying. The statement came during an interview portion of the show, stating:

“People always tell me that I’m nuts. They see my tattoos, and my bad attitude, and partying all night, yelling at strangers. I’m not gonna act how society wants me to act. I’m not a lady, I’m a bad bitch, and if you don’t like it, you can go fuck yourself.”

leaaaaThat’s the kind of woman that knows how to take care of herself and we are proud to be able to report on such an amazing woman! Keep up the great work Lea and never forget how gorgeous you are, let the haters hate.

Lea Beaulieu is definitely a wild child and a free spirit, and perhaps the most beautiful person to ever show up on the series and certainly earned her win.

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