Do You Set Yourself Up For A Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

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selffulfillingThe existence that we currently live in is incredible but are our minds powerful enough to create their own reality? A question that has been asked among providers, psychologists and even those that believe in laws of attraction—but the term we are referring to is called a Self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you constantly feel like you are going to be a failure in life then what motivation do you have to press forward and try new things? What motivation will you have to set goals and create a life for yourself? That’s exactly right—you wouldn’t have any goals. Therefore, fulfilling your prophecy because you will always be stuck in your current station in life.

It’s so important to realize that the thoughts you humor, are the thoughts that will shape you. You can either let them make the best of you—or the worst. If you constantly think positive even when you are having a bad day can make you feel better and actually lighten up your day and who knows who you might make smile.

But the point is you have the power to make anything come to pass with merely your brain. Remember, we only use ten percent of our brain and my inspiration for this article has been the book “The Secret.” You can really make things happen if you consistently envision it and never give up on yourself, life and your aspirations.

Success is right around the corner, make a self-fulfilling prophecy a positive one rather than a negative one.

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