Glee Demonstrates Excellent Diversity And Acceptance

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Glee—where a very buoyant teacher named Will Schuester takes on the High School’s Glee club. And the show has won over many viewers because of it’s truthfulness to reality. Glee writers have focused on staying true to what really goes on in High School—and how they survive. The creators really envisioned the creation of this show with perfection because it’s tugged on nearly every emotion we are capable of feeling within our hearts.

The television series has done much more than just focus on entertainment—they are creating history with their art. Have you ever stopped to take a look at the different cultures, religions, sexuality and beliefs there are in Glee? THE CREATORS focused on assuring diversity between religion, culture, sexual interest and beliefs—it’s absolutely amazing.

Puck and Rach are Jewish—while Mercedes and Quinn are both Christians. And there are even agnostic characters like Kurt. It’s amazing how they all manage to get along despite their MAJOR differences—let’s face it, the truth is society struggles with religion and culture even today. We really feel like Glee deserves a big thumbs up for being brave and being a lead example in how we should treat others.

The heart tugging situations presented in this series allow you to see, feel and learn what it might feel like to be:

  • A teacher

  • A student

  • A Christian

  • Gay

  • Bi-sexual

  • A mother of a child struggling with these identities

  • Agnostic

  • Afraid

  • Lonely

  • Brave

And Glee also offers a nice little twist—music sang by all these beautiful, unique and inspiring students. It spreads a message of love, communication and acceptance.

What’s better than peace? What’s your favorite memory on Glee?

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