Whitney Houston’s Daughter A Super Bowl Sacrifice Gone Wrong?

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Whitney Houston Super Bowl Sacrifice Gone Wrong

It’s been speculated that every Super Bowl has been a breading ground for the Illuminati and their satanic rituals. It was just last year that Bruno Mars performed—and his role was spreading the satanic message by singing “Prepare-Prepare.” And this year Hollywood’s one and only Katy Perry has completed the 2015 ritual—and they are satisfied. The message that Perry  seemed to send was one insisting that we “make way for the Anti-Christ.”

Again, conspiracy theories are all speculation and never meant to tear an artist down. It’s not for us to judge who or what other people are worshiping. It’s our job to be Christ-like and constantly pray, love and forgive those that sin differently than us.

Do you think that Katy Perry was telling us that HIS arrival has began? Either way, all conspiracy theories deserve a much deeper investigation—and frankly, theories will always be theories until proven. But that’s not the only reason conspiracy nut’s are calling this a ritual. Did anyone happen to notice the extreme attacks on God during the super bowl commercials? They were outrageous and we’re going to link some of them for you watch. I can’t believe some of the things they have been allowing to be broad cast.

In a Pre-Super Bowl conference Katy Perry stated that the show would be “family fun,” but it’s not family fun when you are mocking God in front of million devoted Americans. And while this isn’t Perry’s fault—it’s more likely the Media as usual. Talent—they’re just puppets, used until the industry doesn’t need them anymore. And then off with their over doses in hotel rooms,  car accidents that would likely never happen to an experienced driver like Paul Walker. IMG_20150201_181424

Whatever is going on in Hollywood that has been scaring these stars shitless, is a big deal. Dave Chapel, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson(she posted multiple drawings, stating the “Illuminati,” killed her father and then she “attempted,” to kill herself. I don’t know what’s going on for sure but the it’s quite interesting to see the connections within the Industry.

Let’s cut to chase—today was the Super Bowl 49 and Katy Perry performed an amazing piece it was quite “fiery,” how she explained it would be. But something tragic happened before the Super Bowl ritual. Did you hear that Whitney Houston’s daughter Katrina was found face-down in the bath tub. Police made statements saying that there were many “similarities,” between Whitney Houston’s death and the way they found her daughter. But literally hours before Super Bowl Sundays Ritual?

There have been no reports that Katrina has passed away—just that she is breathing on a ventilator. Did the Illuminati fail their pre-game sacrifice?

What do you guys think? Are conspiracy theorists getting out of hand? Do you see a connection? Was this a Whitney Houston Super Bowl Sacrifice Gone Wrong?

We want to hear what you think because we aren’t sure what to think!


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