Darren Criss Worked Hard On A Beautiful Ballad For The Finale Of Glee

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Glee has been such an amazing Television series because so many people could actually relate. And as we reported before Glee always made attempts at making every-body equal. I mean, that’s what Glee club was all about. And fans are crazy about the Glee finale on Friday.

Lea Michele will glorify us with her very last ballad but it won’t be without hard work, love and dedication. The song was written by Darren Criss and it’s absolutely amazing. The song was written with great emotion and Darren did share a few thoughts about the song, stating:

“I wrote This Time as a love note to all things Glee. The show itself, the emotions of the people leaving it—both the characters and the actors themselves, the effect it had on everyone — I tried to cram all these ideas into a single person’s narrative. I wanted Rachel’s words to encapsulate not only her own personal journey, but everyone’s experience of being a part of this show—whether you were behind the camera, in front of the camera, or watching it at home for these past few years. Hearing Lea sing this song was a really cathartic moment for me. It was a perfect way to say goodbye to the whole experience, and I really look forward to getting to share it with the world. I hope This Time will resonate with as many people watching Glee as it did for me and those of us who had a hand in making it.”

It’s going to be a memorable episode—I can already feel it. There’s been so much emotion since the beginning of the series. I can’t wait to see the final product. Woo, go Glee!

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