7 Perfect Cinematography Moments In Game of Thrones

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In preparation for season 5, we have brought 7 beautiful screen caps from The Game of Thrones.

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7. Game of Thrones, the noble Hodor who, after everything, has stuck with it without faltering.

6. Brann, who’s story just got extremely interesting. We cannot wait to see what season 5 has in store for this young lord.

5. Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf. This crafty genius of a character is going to have an interesting time after what happened at the season 4 finale.

4. The White Walkers, perhaps they’ll finally have a part of the show this season, as they get closer and closer to the wall.

3. Remembering Robb and his mother – what could have been, and what is happening now. A story of revenge and betrayal.

2. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Uttered for the final time, we will miss Ygritte.

1. Daenarys Targaryen, dealing with her new found power, as well as the consequences of having 3 adolescent dragons that are becoming more and more out of control. What does season 5 have in store for the dragon queen?

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