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Boy Meets World was the television series that brought my love for acting to shine. And ever since the spinoff “Girl Meets World,” we’ve been seeing some of our favorite stars, from way back in the day. Girl Meets World has a surprise for everybody, Eric and Mr. Feeny will be returning to “Girl Meets World,” and fans are excited about the season opener. It’s going to be a definite throw back, no doubt. Cory will get to see his crazy brother and amazing teacher again, soon enough. IMDB has described “Girl Meets World,” as the series where, you get to see Corey and Topanga’s daughter, Riley attend school with friends—but the catch is Corey is Riley’s history teacher.

This series has seemed like nothing less than a blast to write and direct, we’re loving it.

The episode that will be airing called “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels.” I’m hoping there will be more than just one episode with Eric and Mr. Feeny, both of the characters meant a lot to “Boy Meets World,” but the plot has changed and the focus is now on the younger ones. Either way, the episode seems promising and so far, Ben Savage has done an excellent job making us love this spin-off, almost as much as “Boy Meets World,” there always going to be a part of me that loves that series, much more.

What do you guys think about the latest celebrity news regarding Mr. Feeny and Eric Mathews returning to the show? Are you hoping they stick around a lot longer, just like we do? Well, if you are, make sure to keep in touch for the latest celebrity news. If you haven’t seen the series yet, then, you’re really missing out. Check out some of the best moments so far, below! And if you want to stay updated on the latest celebrity news, subscribe to our newsletter [HERE], on the upper, right hand side!

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