Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Talk Marriage, Film & Cancer

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have to be one of the most influential, strongest and most positive couples in the limelight. Regardless of what comes their way, they’re both ready to fight. Journalist Tom Brokaw had the opportunity to meet with the two and discuss life.

It’s a rare interview that was aired on The Today Show this morning (November 2, 2015).

The 40-year-old director and actress opened up about using the same provider that her mother Marcheline Bertrand used for surgery, when she had her ovaries removed.

Angelina opened up about the nurses and providers, stating:

“We had some of the same nurses, some of the same doctors,” Angelina stated. “So, the doctor that did my ovary surgery was my mother’s doctor. And apparently my mother had said to her, ‘Promise me you will take Angie’s ovaries out.’ So when we kind of got together, we both had a big cry, and she said, ‘I promised your mother, and I gotta do this.’”

Brad has been a huge support during these tough trials and it was even apparent, just how much he cares for her in the interview, when he opened up about his respect for his wife and her approach regarding their situation, stating:

“There was no vanity to my wife’s approach,” Brad said. “It was mature. ‘This is our life and we’re gonna make the best of it.’ There was a strength in that. It was just another one of those things in life that makes you tighter, and she was doing it for the kids, and she was doing it for her family so we could be together.”

Life doesn’t always go as planned and it can be difficult. Having a gene mutation could have made Angelina Jolie a bitter person but instead, look at how she changed her life, helps others and strives to be the best version of herself, each day.

And I commend Brad and Angelina for their strong and focused relationship.

If you haven’t seen the interview, chhhhhhheck it out below and let us know your thoughts?

Blessed Be!

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