Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris One Year Celebration!

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris


“It’s going absolutely fantastic. It’s interesting, because obviously there’s different things written about it every day and even if we don’t do anything publicly for a while, someone will make something up. For me, it could be a lot worse, and I’d still be like insanely happy with her. So, I’m good with it. She’s generally an incredible cook and human being.

-Calvin Harris (Kiss FM UK & HITS Radio).


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Can you believe it’s already been a year since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris first got together as a couple? The two apparently met at the Brits Awards.

And they have been the cutest to one another from day one. It was just last Sunday Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their 365 days of getting to know each other, learning their positive sides and dark sides (we all have one), and staying strong.

The two have been nothing less than inspirational and we are so glad to see Calvin treat Taylor with so much respect and love. Taylor took to Instagram and uploaded what has been speculated to be a gift from her love, as she captioned it:

“3.6.15 One year down,”

The picture uploaded was of a gorgeous heart shaped located engraved with the date of their anniversary. D’awwww how adorable is that?

Calvin also decided to make share this special day public via Snapchat. The successful DJ shared a cute snap (video), of a homemade cake (yes, yes, it’s the cute thing all women like to do, including me), from his beauty queen and it had cute chocolate hearts made from icing.

Mm—that sounds delicious right now.


The snap (video), also featured a quick glimpse of Taylor Swift (and she looked happy). The love is indescribably and we hope that these two can continue to stand as a positive example to many, including those in the limelight.


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