Adele poses with fans in concert, creating amazing memories!

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Adele poses with fans in concert, creating amazing memories!

Adele posing with fan in Manchester
Remember when concerts were super exciting and the artists you went to see actually made an effort to interact with the audience? Well, Adele must be recreating that reality because she has seriously had the most touching and happy feedback from fans like Kerry.

Kerry was just attempting to get a picture of Adele in action during the snow on her Snapchat—she traveled all the way from Old Swan in Liverpool just to be at the sold-out show. And when Adele put her show on hold to pose with the die-hard fan, she couldn’t have been more shocked, telling Liverpool Echo:

“I just couldn’t believe it. She was going around the edge of the stage saying hello to people and interacting with the crowd and I just shouted to her if she could get a selfie. The whole night was amazing. We’re both huge fans of Adele and even my kids Kyle and Ella absolutely love her, they sing along to ‘Hello’. She couldn’t come down off the stage but she posed for the picture and she said that my hair looked great. I just couldn’t believe it.”

What a friggin sweet story? Adele, you’ve done it again. Making this studio “D’awwww,” at the story. (This brings back good memories from concerts like “Back Street Boys,” and “NSYNC”). What a great way to make a show even better for everyone, don’t you think?

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Blessed be!


Adele in Manchester


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