Tori Kelly: Unbreakable Tour in Salt Lake City review & fan reactions!

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Tori Kelly: Unbreakable Tour in Salt Lake City review & fan reactions!

Unbreakable tour in salt lake city
Unbreakable tour in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Lauraramoniquer’s we attended Tori Kelly’s “Unbreakable,” tour and we have the EXCLUSIVE review straight out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Unbreakable tour in salt lake cityTori Kelly is talented, sweet, and friggin’ hilarious (her sense of humor makes meet and greets an absolute blast), not to mention that she has a heart of pure gold. And if you don’t know who Tori Kelly is then get ready to be blown away because she’s a singer and songwriter who can also SLAY a drums set on stage—making it look easy as heck. She plays multiple instruments and started off on YouTube. It’s just like she says in her song, she’s California girl who followed her dreams and never gave up and we’re so glad because her talent helps make the world a better place in more ways than one.

This beautiful lady started to show her love for singing by the age of just three and she started playing drums at 12-years-old. Music became her verb and by her fifteenth birthday she was editing her own music on a software called “Logic.” But it was her cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” that went viral and reached 22 million views. And like all talent chasing their dreams she started off at the bottom and climbed that latter by singing in cafe’s.

Tori Kelly did her first show in LA at “Room 5,” and Scooter Braun just so happened to be chilling there, her voice impressed Scooter, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. And we must say this girl nails every song she covers with her high soaring vocals ( I don’t know how Simon from American Idol could say her voice was ‘annoying,’ but you kill them with kindness and you get blessed), she’s the perfect example.

Victoria Loren (Tori Kelly) always goes above and beyond expectations. And we can tell you that first hand because we attended her “Unbreakable,” tour in Salt Lake City ridin’ VIP. The venue “The Complex,” wasn’t that great but Tori and her team did everything in their power to make it make it the ultimate experience for her family, friends and fans in attendance.

IMG_4490It all started for VIP around 4:30 p.m when we gathered outside “The Complex,” venue. We were all laughing and happy to be there, it seems like all of her fans are just as loving as her because even though we were strangers, we all talked as if we knew one another and some of us even went home with new friends (it’s amazing to think about all the unforgettable memories that are created at some concerts and events, don’t you think)? All of us were let in around 5:00 p.m for pictures (which went by super quick but Tori did her best to still make her fans smile in that short amount of time). And pretty soon it was time for “tea with Tori,” and her fans that won that contest had an absolute blast saying:

“She was the so nice, loved all of us and asked us questions. She cared about us.”

Jackie was in attendance because she loves jamming out to Tori Kelly with her daughter and it was her early birthday present saying:

“It was my daughters birthday and we have so many memories listening to Tori Kelly, even before she was recognized as a larger artist. I like her values and the lyrics. I feel okay letting my daughter listen to Tori Kelly over many other artists but that’s due to the fact that I have different values and prefer my daughter not hearing music that doesn’t respect others or talk about the real things in life. I love her music, style and values and so does my little girl Karlie”

Third Story did an excellent job opening up for her and they were absolutely entertaining (excellent job to all of you). It was about an hour to an hour and a half to mingle with one another and make new friends. PCG went around and got pictures with her biggest fans and they were “pumped,” as one fan told us. Some people even traveled all the way from Texas to see the evIMG_4489ent, others from Colorado and surrounding cities—now that’s dedication.

When Tori took the stage with her acoustic guitar, her fans went insane and we can only imagine how it felt to be standing there looking at everybody who came out to help Tori celebrate her album. The lyrics to each of her songs were relatable, fans swayed and even sang with her, it was an unforgettable experience. One of our favorite songs of the night was “Falling Slow,” because it’s relatable (it’s one of my favorite songs and my husband loves it as well).
The night went on and when her set was finished—we all thought it was over but pretty soon we all started screaming for an encore and the light flashed on the drum set on stage, lo and behold it was Tori FREAKIN’ Kelly ready to blow us away with her drum solo. She truly is talented and made it look easy.

If you attended the concert and ran into PCG Magazine check out the slide show below and relive the fun time we had that night. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of her Unbreakable tour in Salt Lake City in the comments below. Did you have a favorite song? And what surprised you the most? Sound off!

Great job girl you slayed it in SLC! And we’re glad you were able to spend some time with our culture.

Blessed be!

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