National Dog Day & Celebrity Puppies that may you go “aww.”

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National Dog Day & Celebrity Puppies that may you go “aww.”

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Tammy and Chelsea HandlerNational Dog Day—honestly this one has to be one of my favorites among the countless ‘tiny,’ Holiday celebrations that we have throughout the year (I’m guessing but I’m betting that everyday is a Holiday for something in the world), which isn’t a bad idea because we should be more thankful for the things we have in our lives, no?

Today happens to be National Dog Day and I know that there are people out there who may not love dogs (so take it as a ‘animal,’ celebration day,’) if that helps. But it’s an important day for so many people who have dogs in their lives. After all, we attach to our family pets just as we do our very own siblings.

They are special and have a type of love that is unconditional and truly forgiving. If people had the amount of love and respect some dogs do for their owners (most) as long as they are raised properly this world would be a much better place. It’s true that even abused animals still love their owners to the fullest extent they can allow themselves.

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Pet’s are amazing and that’s why it’s important to remember they ARE a part of the family. Today, I wanted to share my little munchkins with ya’ll and a few celebrity dogs that will probably make you go ‘awwww,’ but you have to upload a pic of your dog to Imgur because we want to celebrate today with our pets and remember the best things about our dogs.

And don’t forget another way you can celebrate today is by donating at your local shelter or the ASPCA. It’s a small difference you can make in the world of animals who don’t quite have a voice, we are their voice—even $5.00 dollars goes a long way in helping an animal get closer to their long-term goals.

We hope you have an amazing day on National Dog Day and tell us about your pal in the comments section.

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