How Brad Pitt changed the world over the years!

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How Brad Pitt changed the world over the years!

Brad Pitt has always been a positive influence to the world. He’s always looking to make the world a better place.

Remember in 2004 when he joined the One Campaign as a spokesman and worked with Bono to help be an advocate for helping supply Africa with their basic needs such as medicine, clean water and food. (The very things we take for granted on a daily basis).

Let’s be real, we wake up, take a shower, brush your teeth and make breakfast. Did you know in other countries families have to fetch water to start off their day? They don’t even have access to medicine like we do when we get a cold and just think about having to hunt for your own food because of being so under-developed.

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It’s a lot of work and there are many countries that live their days working for survival. We really do have it good, we are blessed and that’s why it’s important to do our part to help the world.

And in 2006 Pitt traveled to Haiti and helped support a school by the Haitian foundation and Yele Haiti Foundation. He was able to assist the charity by supporting projects focused on gaining better health, community development, environment and education through sports, music and media.

Then in 2007 Hurricane Katrina caused some major damage in New Orleans and Brad couldn’t wait to get out there and lend a helping hand. Pitt was able to help build environmental friendly housing in the Ninth Ward. And he and Angelina even purchased a home there to make sure that this project would become a part of their daily life. Pitt even teamed up with Global Green USA as a sponsor of a competition that would design and build energy-efficient housing in the Ninth Ward. The goal was to make sure it was environmental friendly and affordable.

The list goes on and on because Brad never gives up on making a positive impact in the world regardless of what trials he’s facing in his own life. I think that’s a great lesson about helping others. Haven’t you ever noticed that when you’re feeling down, if you help someone else then you feel better?

It’s a great way to make the world a better place and improve your quality of life as well. Giving back to the world (in my head) can only bring forth good karma.

Blessed be.


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