Justin Bieber compliments Harry Styles new album!

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Justin Bieber compliments Harry Styles new album!

Harry Styles recently dropped his new album and it’s seriously what I can hear being played on beach parties and BBQs all summer.

The highly anticipated album debut was wroth the wait because the jams are flawless. The tracks are mostly about women and kind of remind me of those good oldies but goodies but Harry Styles literally puts his own modern touch on each track.

I may not be a music critic but I especially loved “Carolina.”

[ Harry Styles talks his solo album and a very unique monument made by fans! ]

The album has been getting some excellent reviews but the one that probably matters to you right now is what Justin Bieber had to say about Harry Styles new album on Instagram. He wrote:

“@JustinBieber Just watched Harry styles carpool karaoke!! Hilarious! Also congrats on the album, it sounds great !”

Have you heard Harry Styles new album? Let us know what your favorite song was in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out his carpool karaoke because it was in fact, “hilarious.” James Corden never fails.

Blessed be.

Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke

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