About Laurara Monique


Laura Monique Warkentin (born October 11, 1990), known professionally as Laurara Monique is a European filmmaker and published writer. She began her career writing spec scripts for the TV show friends. She would practice writing script after script. Laura wrote her first feature length at the age of sixteen called “Facing The Truth.”
Monique’s acting and modeling career took flight in 2013 and has been going strong since. Laura has many great achievements including placing fifth in a national HOSA competition for extemporaneous writing. And from 2009-present she has developed many short films: Paradigm Shift, Bronies and even a movie about anti-bullying—based off a true story about a boy who jumped in front of a train to escape life. Her style is unique and you can see in her writing and interviews that she has a unique voice that can influence many.

Who are your greatest influences?

– My greatest influences in this life are my mother, my husband and the family that has been there for me. I love the people that I work with and write with they are amazing.

What is your favorite movie and why?

-My favorite movies are Sister Act and Singing In The Rain. I just remember being little and watching those movies all the time. I also, really love the show friends. I know that’s not a movie, but that show motivated me to become a writer and made me love the film industry. Life growing up wasn’t so easy and everyday… I could at least look forward to a really good sitcom that always made me laugh. Props to the writers of that show! I’ve done a lot of Spec Scripts for it!

What is your dream job?

– I want to work for Viacom. That’s my passion and that’s why I work as hard as I can and then some because I know that dreams are only dreams if they are never made goals. Mine, it’s a goal.

What was your favorite Set to work on?

– I loved working on The New Testament with some great people like Paul and Mika. They were excellent and taught me a lot. But, I really enjoyed working the set of INSIDE starring Paul Ray and Luke Goss. They are both such wonderful people. If you aren’t familiar with their work I encourage you to check them out on Internet Movie Database or YouTube.


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